Monday, 27 November 2017

Thida Incy Wincy

My animation is about the incy wincy spider climbing up a spout. This video is for the juniors.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The athletics day story

On the 10th of November we had athletics. I woke up very early and i was filled with joy because i was so excited Have you ever done athletics at your school?. Well if you haven’t i will tell you. athletics is activites we do, we swap over at different time. We started at 9:00 every class went to the netball court for a short meeting because Mr Burt wanted to tell us a few things we needed to remember. In athletics there are different types of sports like High jump, sprints, relays, volleyball, Javelin, and Dodgeball. Our first activity was target ball. The instructions were we had to throw the ball out of the square. I didn’t really like the game target ball. Because I didn’t really know how to play. The next game was dodge ball, I loved dodge ball because dodge ball is a really fun game. Have you played dodgeball?. After all the games we were all exhausted we had a long break after lunch it was the teachers and kids relay race. It was very funny.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

the llama and the boys

Why does the boy cry when the old llama dies?

because he is afraid of the dark
because he is always sad
because the old llama is his only family
because he is lost

What happened BEFORE the old llama died?

The boy bought two new llamas.
The boy and the llama walked many miles looking for a home.
The boy collected the wool and sold it in the city.
The old llama fell to the ground in the shape of a star.

Read this sentence from the story.

One bright star fell to the ground.
What does bright mean?

a). Old
b). Shiny
c). New
d). Clean

What does the boy in the story want?

a cart
a horse
a new wool shirt

a home

What happens at the end of the story?

The boy buys a house and two llamas.
The boy buries the llama next to an icy stream.
The boy and his llama walk for many miles.
The boy cries for a very long time.

Read this sentence from the story.

As the Sun began to rise, the boy picked up the soft, warm wool.
What does rise mean?
a). Grow darker
b). Fall down
c). Come up
d). Take a step

Text and questions sourced from

Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Yoghurt Challenge

On tuesday october the 24th room 6 did the yoghurt challenge. For the challenge we needed two girls and two boys. It was really messy, keep reading to find out more.

The rules are the person who is getting feed has to sit on the chair and have their hands under their bottoms.
The other person at the back had to be blindfolded and feed the other person that is on chair.

Miss Scanlan did a countdown 3.2.1 go While they did the challenge Miss scanlan said it is not the person who does it the fastest it’s the person who does it the cleanest.

It was really funny because arthur did not do it the cleanest. The yoghurt was all over his face room six laughed so much.

Once they finished their yoghurt we decided which team was the cleanest and it was the girls yayy.

My favourite part was when the yoghurt went every where .                       The End!!!!!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Adventure about an annoying cousin

One sunny morning my cousin came to play. I was not so excited for her to come and play. she came over last time she broke couple of things. I don't know what will happen.
Oh No she here, Ding dong!!!!, Hello Skye uh welcome back umm come in, Skye said,"hey remember your not the boss of me i can do what i want". Thida replied "Oh No! here it goes again".
what are you doing don't break anything. I will get in trouble so please don't do it.  Uhhh Did i just here something crack,
OMG Skye what have you done you broke an expensive vase, I just go it today it is mother's day i ordered that for her, I told you not to break anything, but you still did, Skye i need to tell your mum so she can come and pick you up, I've got to clean the house before my mum gets home,

Ding Dong!!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Cross country day run

Start here….
Who… Everybody at Pt England School 1-8
What...Cross Country day
When...1st of September
Where...At Pt England School

We started off with the team 1 boys they had to run
They had to run to the arrow so they know where they run. At each spot there is an adult to show where to run. It was really muddy and slippery.

After all the junior it was time for the year 6 girls “i’m so nervous” I said we went to the start line and Mr Burt Said TAke your marks get set go and we blasted off we followed each arrow we started to run against the gate and out the gate we go. “YAY”!!!!!!!!

It was super muddy every single person got muddy oh and I slip because it was so slippery I had to use my balance just in case I slipped. I ran half way almost to the finish line and I was so sweaty I did get hurt but I still ran like Mr burt said “ Champions never give up”. I tried and tried and finally I did it. “WOO HOO!!!!”

I was so proud of myself But I did feel so tired. But it’s good that I tried my best.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

thida Scary story

One morning Thazin woke up to a dark and spooky morning. She got ready to do her exercise like she always did at 6:00 in the morning.

Thazin went to the local park. She kept running and running, once she got closer to the tunnel Thazin heard a creepy noise. She said to herself, “wait is that noise coming from the tunnel?”

She stopped running and then went into the tunnel she saw nobody. She walked towards the noise and once she got closer and closer she saw laser lights. Thazin didn’t know what was going to happen. She tried going through the laser lights but she couldn’t. It felt like bricks.

She couldn’t see bricks she only saw laser lights. Then she looked to the left of her side and saw a button. She pressed it and the laser lights opened. She went in. It was super dark and the laser light door was closed, she was trapped. Then she yelled “help!!!!”.

She tried reaching  for the button. It was too far away.. She yelled and yelled. no one heard her. She tried to escape so her mum doesn’t get worried. She saw a door and she tried looking for the key. She said “yay I found the key”. She went back to the door and tried to open the door with every single key. She got it opened she was really scared she said “ I’m never running to the local park”. She went home and got ready for school. every time she goes to school she tells her mum to drop her to school.          

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Swimming for 3 weeks

Team 4 started swimming on the first week of term 2. We swim Monday to thursdays. The classes go at different time like during lunchtime. We went to Glen Innes Pools and We went with our maths teachers.

We learned about Beach safety and other safety. Our Instructor said before we go somewhere we need to tell the life guards. Where we are going what time we will be back and what time will start going. We need to tell the life guards so they can track us.

I learned how to do arm circles freestyles and more fun things. We also learned about how to get into the pool.

We all felt really Exhausted after each swimming lessons. Why we felt exhausted is because we had to rotate lessons and our arms were dead.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

thida Help I'm stuck on a island

On a dark cold spooky night there were 3 girls. Their names were Luna, Keri, and Api . They were in a submarine with Thida. We were off to go to mako island but suddenly we heard a huge shark trying to bite into  the submarine. The submarine was sinking under the water. Water was coming through the crack so we had to swim to the closest island which was a island that no one goes to. It was surrounded by mangroves sharks and reefs. All the girls  shouted  for “HELP!!!”.

They were swimming to a closest island. We couldn't call for help because our phone broke we kept on shouting for rescue. No one heard us we were miles and miles away.

All of us were very hungry we couldn’t find food. So What we did was we looked for two sticks and we rubbed them to make a fire. Keri swam to look for a fish. She found a big fish she swimmed back with it and we cooked it for 5-10 minutes it was almost sunset we had to find somewhere to sleep we sleep under a really big tree. They all woke up at 3:00/4:00 in the morning trying to shout out for help. Finally they said "the  cruise ship is here" they told us  they were looking for us for about 3 hours or 4 hours they were exhausted we could finally have a long nap after all of that.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Now That's Thinking

This term our whole school is learning about Now That’s Thinking which is all about technology.  

This term the whole school is learning about technology
But we are trying to find out how Maori technology has changed over time.
Our topic is called Now That’s Thinking.

I think we will learn about Computer, devices and lots more I really want to learn about technology.
I think It's pretty awesome.

I would like to learn about Computer, devices and wayyy more
I'm really excited to learn about technology.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Albatross seabird

Albatrosses are the world's largest seabirds, spending at least 85% of their lives at the sea. New Zealand Albatrosses include two species of royal albatross/ Toroa

Friday, 24 February 2017

New Bike Track

On thursday morning all Pt England classes went out to the bottom of the field for the exciting news.

The brand new bike track is opening Mr Burt picked his 10 amazing students to ride around the new bike track. Two little kids cut the ribbon and they all started cheering for the students who are on the bikes.

The people who bring the bikes were variety.
Thank you variety for those new bikes we appreciate what
you give us.

The drone was flying my teacher was flying the drone because he said he wanted to keep his eye on the year 5 and 6 and how they behave. My teacher Mr Somerville He also flew  the drone because he wanted some videos.

Those bikes cost over $100, 000