Friday, 25 November 2016

The Bush

On a cold morning a family went hunting for some animals on their way they found a bush it was pretty huge it was kinda near a forest there were so many huge bush but there was one different looking bush it looked pretty weird it had 3 flax only and it was rotten. It smelt like rotten fish from the sea a whole bunch of people went walking past the stinky old looking bush they said it smells like stinky shoes.I couldn't believe that one person said it smelt nice when the lady said that it smelt nice i was going cut the bush off it’s not my property so i’m not going to do that i left that i still wanted to cut off but in my head i was thinking i will be in big trouble so i didn’t do i could not take it so i decided to break the rules i cutted the bush off and what the manager said i had to pay 1,000 dollar to remake a new bush i said’’ no do not remake a new stinky bush the judge said’’. Did you just say stinky bush” that’s is it the judge said i’m not making a new stinky bush !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled so then i planted a new nice smelling bush instead. But i said what do you mean it’s not a stinky bush well smell it said the judge no way i’m not smelling that stinky i will dunked head into the bush if you don’t smell it fine okay 5’4’3’2’1 go OMG that smells delicious.

Monday, 21 November 2016


WALT: gather, sort and display data to answer questions.
We are doing this for peoples opinion we want to show that what we learn't
about at places we went to. Motat means the Museum Of Transport And Technology. We are trying to display and sort data to gather and make data.

thida editing paragragh

Walt: fixing a paragraph using fullstops,capital letters, speechmarks

when it was our last day camping out in the bush my friends and i discovered that there was a bush that was really rare because there wasn’t that much bushes around because it was actually a huge forest it looked so amazing it had the smell of chocolate and strawberries on the outside it looked just like a stinky old bush

Change this paragraph
when it was our last day camping out in the bush my friends and   I discovered that there was a bush that was really rare. Because there wasn’t that much bushes around because It was actually a huge forest. It looked so amazing It had the smell of chocolate and straw berries on the outside it looked just like a stinky old bush

Friday, 18 November 2016

motat post

Walt: writing a post for motat for people to go to motat

Thursday, 17 November 2016


the process or art of tessellating a surface of the state being tessellated.

motat trip writing

Walt: year 5 went to a trip to motat
learning about each equitment

On Tuesday morning the year 5 went to a amazing place called motat it was huge place we get to learn about each equipment that we see. In the first space we meet in with Abby she told us to eat and then she gave us instructions after eating we went to our space where Abby teaches us about myth she read out a myth if it is true/false the year 5 get to try each equipment out.
My favorite 3 parts were when get to got in the village houses also it look like there was real people inside the houses it was creepy. My second favorite part was when some of the year fives went on the tram ride the tram ride it was like a train it was also bumpy. My third favorite part was when my group played at the arcade space inside there was a waterfall movie and a creepy eyeball. I saw a big machine where you turn the handle it makes like a gun sound. After a fun day at motat we lined in our groups and said” thank you Abby for your help teaching us about myths then we went into the bus and went back to school that was an awesome day.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Hi my name is Thida and i will tell you about my holidays. On Saturday i went to my mums friends house and we did some crafting. Her name was Allie. After doing some crafting  she took me to a beautiful beach named St Heliers It was a really fun beach. At the beach there was a big rock that I climbed on and it was huge!!!! and It was really slippery . Me and my friend went on the on the slippery rock.

My friends name was Aye Aye Ellen and Shwe they are really nice friends. We had ice cream. My friend Aye Aye had a sour lime ice cream Ellen had a vanilla ice cream shwe had an Olaf ice cream and Allie my mums friend had a coconut chocolate ice cream and me myself had the same one as Allie the coconut chocolate one, it was so Delicious!!!!.

After playing at the beach for 4 hours my friends had to go home but I went to my mums friend Allie’s house again and we did more and more crafting we made hearts a card some necklaces bracelets and some painting. That was the funnest  day ever Allie also said on the following week she is taking me to RAINBOW END!!!!!

After crafting at Allie’s house Allie took me home.

Thanks for reading my holiday story hope you enjoy.

camping trip

Walt: writing about a boy went out camping with his family.

Once upon a time there was a boy called James. He went camping out in the deep forest with his parents. While James was picking up sticks for the camp fire he met a family that had forgotten there camping gear. James ran to his parents and said "I saw a new family that have forgotten their stuff’.
“Maybe we can share with them?” James asked. Mom said ‘that’s a great Idea.We can take some food for them And we can have a kai together?” okay said james. Well mum was really hungry so she called them to come and eat.
After the Kai Mom and James and the others put up their tent. It was super windy so the tent came down. When it stop rainy the family put up the tent again.Once they finished putting up the tent  james and his mum enjoyed the rest of their camping trip.

thida why we have soap