Thursday, 29 November 2018

Good Friends

“What do you think being  good friend means?” “Are you a good friend?” Think about if your a good and responsible friend, well I am going to explain what good friend means.

What being a good friend means is you are always honest and you take care of your own responsibility and not blame other people who haven’t done anything wrong. You could be a good friend by telling the truth and be honest about what you have done. The second way of being  a good friend is by encouraging them and being supportive to other people. You can tell them that they can do it and just believe in themselves.” Do you support other?”, If you support others they will feel like they are loved even though they're already loved by their parents .
The third way of being a good friend is being funny in a good way and not making them upset. If you are  good friend by cheering them up every day and not making them downsided then they will make you happy and they will cheer you up.
One day I was riding on my bicycle with my friends and I fell over and grazed my knee and nobody came and helped me, do you think that is a good friend? ( NO ).
Lets see what the right way is, one day I was riding on my bicycle with my friends and I fell over and grazed my knee and all my friends cheered me up and helped me out is that being a good friend?( YES ).

So that is what being a good friend means in my opinion. “Do you agree?”


         Being famous and/or rich would make me happy

Everyone thinks that being famous is great, but when I think about it I just don’t get it, it doesn’t make me happy.
Yes people would want to be famous because obviously they want to be rich. Do you think being famous is great?
Being famous is nice but your life is not only yours anymore it’s everybody’s.
People can share rumors around with their friends and it’s not really big of a deal unless they share nasty rumors.
Being recognized by everyone in the street can be annoying  Famous people have no privacy,
That’s why I don’t agree to the statement.

How The leopard got black spots.

Back in the 60’s when the world began there was a girl named Abigail. She had 1 leopard named Finley, well she had 4 leopards but one of her leopard was sad because it didn’t have a warm golden coat and black spots like the other siblings had.

If you were a leopard would you want black spots? One day I saw a lonely leopard under a shady tree. It was unhappy, he really wished it could have black spots like his siblings had. So he had to do something to get the spots.

To get black spots the leopard went on a huge adventure. He had to go and see the wiseman. The leopard had to go through 5 jungles 3 rivers just to get across the other side of the land.

“PURR!” the leopard said, finally the leopard got to the cave and was confused if it was the right place. Suddenly he heard the wiseman’s voice
“ My patient please come straight and then turn to your right” said the wise man,
 “ okay” replied the leopard. The leopard did what the wise man  said and she got to the location.

The wiseman asked, “Why are you here?”
“Oh I’m here to ask you if you were able to paint my black spots” said the leopard.
“Hmm let me check my timetable for today and see if I have anything going on” said the wiseman. The wiseman told the leopard that he had a lot of time handy.
The wiseman gatherers all his supplies and starts painting some blacks spots.  The whole process took an hour  just to look exactly like a leopard spots. The leopard look in the gigantic mirror “ Do you like it said the wiseman”,
“ YESSSSSSSS! I do thank you so much

figure out how to get back to his home.

Finally he found his way home and show off to his friends and family his new black spots.


Thida's Ghost Girl Story

       Ghost Girl
One day my friend Sophia and I had a walk near the high mountain.

We went across a big tunnel, We heard noises coming from that tunnel, We were to scared to go see what it was because something bad might happen.

So then we continued walking along the path until we reached the edge of the path, We had a great look of the view, suddenly my friend and I heard loud banging noises. “What do we do, should we see what is it?” said Sophia. “ Okay but stay together” Replied Thida

We walked towards the tunnel it got louder and louder. When we got in the tunnel we saw some person wearing a white dress that was trying to hang herself. She was yelling so loud that we got very scared and went home.
We did some research of why is that tunnel there. We saw information in the newspaper and it said, She got killed and became a ghost. She would haunt you if you go near her.

Then we finally knew how she got killed, It was a group of gang members who killed her because she was homeless.

But the only thing was that she would haunt you if you go near her, We tried to talk to her but we were to afraid.

My friend and I were wanting to help but she would haunt us. So we decided to stay away, and get it out of our heads.

The end

Snow White & the seven dwarfs

Once upon a time, years & years ago a king and queen ruled over the far away land. The queen was relaxed and  appealing and all the people in the village really liked her.
The only sad thing in the queen’s life was that she wanted a kiddiewink but she didn’t have one.

One chilly day the queen was doing a lot of outside jobs, she left the window wide open.
A bird flew across the window then suddenly the pricked the queen.
Drop by drop blood is dripping down her finger to the snow.
While the blood is dripping down on the snow she said to herself “ Wow!, I wish I have a daughter that has skin white as snow and lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony.

Shortly months later the queen wish came true. The queen gave birth to a sweet baby girl that has lips as red as blood, skin as

white like the snow, and hair as black as ebony. They named the little baby princess Snow White, but unhappily the queen died after she gave birth to Snow White. 

Soon after the queen died, the king married another woman who was beautiful, but as well joyful and brutal. She had deliberate dark magic and owned a magic mirror.

The new queen said 
“ Mirror Mirror, on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?.”

At all times the queen asked that question, the mirror would reply and say the same answer back, “ Thou, O queen, art the fairest of all.” 
This made the queen grateful every time, the mirror said the exact same thing, the mirror could only speak the truth.

One morning when the queen asked, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" she was shocked when it answered: 

You, my queen, are fair; it is true.
But Snow White is even fairer than you.

The queen got jealous and ordered her huntsman to take Snow White into the woods to be killed. She told the huntsman to return with Snow White heart as proof.

The huntsman took Snow White into the woods and was ready to do what the queen told him to do. Snow White was confused on what was going on, she saw guns axes and swords in his bag.

The poor huntsman took Snow White into the forest, but found himself unable to kill the girl.  Instead, he let her go, and brought the queen the heart of a wild boar.
After that, he went back to the kingdom and belled down to the queen. “ Your majesty I came back with what you wanted, Snow White is dead we have nothing to do with her” said the huntsman. He passed the wild boars heart and said “ I must go and do my jobs, bye”.

Sooner or later the queen found out that it was not the princess heart, the queen was so unpleased.

The queen had called the huntsman to come back and to see if this is the actually the princesses heart. After all of that fakeness the queen gave up her cruel and jealousness.

A few hours later the 7 dwarfs came back from a adventure, they were wondering why the queen looks so different?, and where was Snow White?.

The queen had asked the mirror again, Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?
The mirror answered:
You, my queen, are fair; it is true.
But the young queen is a thousand times fairer than you. Not knowing that this new queen was indeed her stepdaughter, she arrived at the wedding, and her heart filled with the deepest of dread when she realized the truth the evil queen was 

banished from the land forever and the prince and Snow White lived happily ever after.