Monday, 21 May 2018

Adverbs story

Current events

MY narrative

 One day Lily, fluffy, kelly, and me Lexi, went to a new mall called the kathanda city mall.
We had a great look at the new things they sold like, Jewelry, Stationary, Crafts, makeup and lots more. (Fluffy said) to “Lily can you buy me a jewelry because I want to give a gift to my niece I haven’t got my money on me” “Sorry I’ve only got $30 dollars and I’m buying stationary for my brother” (Fluffy replied) “Okay that’s fine”.
When we got home from the mall kelly was so exhausted it was such a great mall that it made her Kelly tired. Suddenly we heard a knock on the door, we opened the door at there was a man from a company called ebay. He said “ Hi there I heard you were at the kathanda city mall” “Um yeah I was” (said fluffy). “So you wanted to buy the jewelry right on the third aisle” said the man, ” Yup I did so can I buy it since your here” said fluffy, “Sure here it is” said the man, “Thank you” said fluffy “okay bye” said the man.
When fluffy opened it she was so excited she was like WOW!. After opening it fluffy got so tired and fell asleep that she forgot about her friends.