Wednesday, 31 August 2016

hiwi the kiwi story

Once upon a time in the past few years I went fishing with my popa
We saw Seabirds up in the cloudy sky they were really hungry they had not eaten for two whole weeks.

There were plastic bottle caps  and rubbish bags shining while floating in the sea. The Seabirds thought they were fish so dove down to eat it. But one  died because the seabird that  ate it  did not know that the bottle cap will stuck in his throat. The bottle cap was huge I went down my life jacket to see what’s wrong.

The seabird could not breathe at all it was quite sad all the family members were upset. It was R.I.P  time all family members friends came along have some time saying goodbye and you're always in my heart.

Monday, 29 August 2016

holiday writing

On Monday I got drop off at the airport there were millions of people going to a place called Australia it was a hot and sunny.

I’ve never been in Ozzy/ Well have you ? in australia i saw a lot of creatures I saw Tiny Snakes/ Alligator / Possum / Bat / Cockroach / Porcupine / and Kangaroo they were scary because some of those creatures that I saw bites sometimes.

On the 2nd week i went to the museum i saw some thrones dinosaur bones and many things I stayed there for about 2 hours the museum was huge there were heaps and heaps of things. My granmar thought those dinosaur fossil were fake.

By thida