Thursday, 25 February 2016

max and his family Going out for a picnic:

Max could see from a distance a family that was at each other's throat.The father was yelling how could you forget the food. To which the mother replied and it was honest mistake I’m sure someone will help us.

Cat at the Sunny Beach

It was a beautiful sunny day to spend at the beach. Johnson the cat was relaxing on the hot white sand. His master was paddling in the refreshing crystal water, when suddenly his friend Byron came along. He was looking very sorry for himself.
Byron was sad because he just found out that his grandma had  passed away. He was so sad he did not know how she died” “Johnson” said  “she is old she might have been very sick. Johnson was trying to cheer up Byron he could not stop thinking about how much fun he had with his grandma. His grandma bought every single thing that Byron wanted. Byron looked after his grandma when she was sick.On the second day Byron didn't cry he remembered that he kept a photo of his grandma. He was happy he played with Johnson He asked Byron Are you still sad said Johnson? No I am not sad anymore said Byron.