Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The athletics day story

On the 10th of November we had athletics. I woke up very early and i was filled with joy because i was so excited Have you ever done athletics at your school?. Well if you haven’t i will tell you. athletics is activites we do, we swap over at different time. We started at 9:00 every class went to the netball court for a short meeting because Mr Burt wanted to tell us a few things we needed to remember. In athletics there are different types of sports like High jump, sprints, relays, volleyball, Javelin, and Dodgeball. Our first activity was target ball. The instructions were we had to throw the ball out of the square. I didn’t really like the game target ball. Because I didn’t really know how to play. The next game was dodge ball, I loved dodge ball because dodge ball is a really fun game. Have you played dodgeball?. After all the games we were all exhausted we had a long break after lunch it was the teachers and kids relay race. It was very funny.

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