Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Yoghurt Challenge

On tuesday october the 24th room 6 did the yoghurt challenge. For the challenge we needed two girls and two boys. It was really messy, keep reading to find out more.

The rules are the person who is getting feed has to sit on the chair and have their hands under their bottoms.
The other person at the back had to be blindfolded and feed the other person that is on chair.

Miss Scanlan did a countdown 3.2.1 go While they did the challenge Miss scanlan said it is not the person who does it the fastest it’s the person who does it the cleanest.

It was really funny because arthur did not do it the cleanest. The yoghurt was all over his face room six laughed so much.

Once they finished their yoghurt we decided which team was the cleanest and it was the girls yayy.

My favourite part was when the yoghurt went every where .                       The End!!!!!


  1. Hi Thida I'm Isabel from Awahono School. I like how you said what was your most favourite part of the game. It sounded so funny when I heard that the people that won had to eat the yogurt the tidiest.