Friday, 8 September 2017

Cross country day run

Start here….
Who… Everybody at Pt England School 1-8
What...Cross Country day
When...1st of September
Where...At Pt England School

We started off with the team 1 boys they had to run
They had to run to the arrow so they know where they run. At each spot there is an adult to show where to run. It was really muddy and slippery.

After all the junior it was time for the year 6 girls “i’m so nervous” I said we went to the start line and Mr Burt Said TAke your marks get set go and we blasted off we followed each arrow we started to run against the gate and out the gate we go. “YAY”!!!!!!!!

It was super muddy every single person got muddy oh and I slip because it was so slippery I had to use my balance just in case I slipped. I ran half way almost to the finish line and I was so sweaty I did get hurt but I still ran like Mr burt said “ Champions never give up”. I tried and tried and finally I did it. “WOO HOO!!!!”

I was so proud of myself But I did feel so tired. But it’s good that I tried my best.

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