Thursday, 28 September 2017

Adventure about an annoying cousin

One sunny morning my cousin came to play. I was not so excited for her to come and play. she came over last time she broke couple of things. I don't know what will happen.
Oh No she here, Ding dong!!!!, Hello Skye uh welcome back umm come in, Skye said,"hey remember your not the boss of me i can do what i want". Thida replied "Oh No! here it goes again".
what are you doing don't break anything. I will get in trouble so please don't do it.  Uhhh Did i just here something crack,
OMG Skye what have you done you broke an expensive vase, I just go it today it is mother's day i ordered that for her, I told you not to break anything, but you still did, Skye i need to tell your mum so she can come and pick you up, I've got to clean the house before my mum gets home,

Ding Dong!!

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