Thursday, 17 November 2016

motat trip writing

Walt: year 5 went to a trip to motat
learning about each equitment

On Tuesday morning the year 5 went to a amazing place called motat it was huge place we get to learn about each equipment that we see. In the first space we meet in with Abby she told us to eat and then she gave us instructions after eating we went to our space where Abby teaches us about myth she read out a myth if it is true/false the year 5 get to try each equipment out.
My favorite 3 parts were when get to got in the village houses also it look like there was real people inside the houses it was creepy. My second favorite part was when some of the year fives went on the tram ride the tram ride it was like a train it was also bumpy. My third favorite part was when my group played at the arcade space inside there was a waterfall movie and a creepy eyeball. I saw a big machine where you turn the handle it makes like a gun sound. After a fun day at motat we lined in our groups and said” thank you Abby for your help teaching us about myths then we went into the bus and went back to school that was an awesome day.

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