Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My holiday highlight writing.

Hi my name is Thida and i will tell you about my holidays. On Saturday i went to my mums friends house and we did some crafting. Her name was Allie. After doing some crafting  she took me to a beautiful beach named St Heliers It was a really fun beach. At the beach there was a big rock that I climbed on and it was huge!!!! and It was really slippery . Me and my friend went on the on the slippery rock.

My friends name was Aye Aye Ellen and Shwe they are really nice friends. We had ice cream. My friend Aye Aye had a sour lime ice cream Ellen had a vanilla ice cream shwe had an Olaf ice cream and Allie my mums friend had a coconut chocolate ice cream and me myself had the same one as Allie the coconut chocolate one, it was so Delicious!!!!.

After playing at the beach for 4 hours my friends had to go home but I went to my mums friend Allie’s house again and we did more and more crafting we made hearts a card some necklaces bracelets and some painting. That was the funnest  day ever Allie also said on the following week she is taking me to RAINBOW END!!!!!

After crafting at Allie’s house Allie took me home.

Thanks for reading my holiday story hope you enjoy.

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